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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Do You Dagaloo? Free Blog Promotion At It’s Best

Image of the Dagaloo bird logoI’ll admit that the Dagaloo bird isn’t exactly friendly looking, but trust me, this is one bird you want on your side. He can help you create a successful blog by helping you get your blog content out there for all the world to see. With him on your side, the world can’t help but notice your great content. Dagaloo will help you easily achieve higher visibility for your blog articles, because Dagaloo likes to share.

What is Dagaloo? How can it help promote your blog?

Dagaloo is a new online social sharing service that lets bloggers help one another by giving them the opportunity to promote each others content on Twitter.
The idea is very simple. You help other users promote their blog or site by tweeting out a link to their content. They in turn will tweet out a link to your content. Reciprocity at it’s best. Everybody helping each other on the road to creating a successful blog.

How do I promote blog content on Dagaloo?

After you sign up for a Dagaloo account:
  • You can start promoting content.
  • The content you tweet out earns you points.
  • You submit your content (up to 4 pages at a time) and assign each one points.
  • Your content gets shared until the points run out.
  • Other people tweet out your content which earns them points.
And round and round it goes! They share, you share and everybody’s content gets promoted! Your reach on Twitter becomes much greater when other people tweet your blog content out to their followers. All in all, a very easy way to help you create a successful blog through content promotion.

How blog promotion on Dagaloo works:

Tweets are limited to 1 tweet every 90 seconds which helps prevent people from spamming Twitter. It also gives you the opportunity to browse the content and maybe find an awesome post or two to read.
The point system that is used to reward members for tweeting out content is based on their Klout score. Klout.com assigns Twitter users a score based on their Twitter activity and engagement. So If you don’t have an account, just stop byKlout.com and join. Then you will be all ready to sign up for Dagaloo and  promote your blog content to the Twitter-sphere.