This Blog will tell you everything you need to know on how to promote your blog. From submitting your blog to search engines like google and submitting them to Rss Directories and Social Media sites. I will also be posting software programs that will do this all automatically and manually. If you have any questions leave it in the comment boxes. Thanks and Good luck!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Tips

Tips including links to free automatic submission to search engines and directories, disposable email, and much more. If you are serious about getting more visitors this is a must read.

Blog Directories You Must Get Listed In (this goes without pointing out the obvious Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask.com, or Bing)

  • Best of the Web Blog Search

  • Bloggeries

  • EatonWeb Blog Directory

  • Blog Hub

  • Blogged.com

  • Blog Search Engine

  • Blog Catalog

  • Globe of Blogs

  • ultimate directory of British blogs

  • Blog Universe

  • Bigger Blogs

  • Bloggernity

  • Bloggapedia

  • Spillbean

  • Blogging Fusion

  • Blogflux

  • Bloglisting

  • Blogio

  • Blog Explosion

  • Super Blog Directory

  • FREE Automated Website Submission – These services submit your website(s) to many search engines and/or directories automatically, a few require a link back to them, but that is a small price to pay for this service!

    (Note: you will get quite a few confirmation emails. For this reason I would use a disposable email address. I will list links to a few below.)
  • http://www.freewebsubmission.com/ – Free submission to 20 Search Engines, including Google.

  • http://www.ineedhits.com/free-tools/submit-free.aspx – Free submission to 20 Search Engines.

  • http://www.submitplus.com/freesubmit.php – Free submission to 10 Search Engines.

  • http://www.addme.com/submission/free-submission-start.php – Free submission to 14 Search Engines. Web Site link placement on your site in exchange is required.

  • http://www.optimizekit.com/free-search-engine-submission/free-search-engine-submission.php – Free submission to 18 Search Engines, including Google andYahoo!

  • http://www.submitexpress.com/submit.html – Free submission to 40 Search Engines, including Google and AOL.

  • http://camtech2000.net/Pages/submit.html – Free submission to 8 Search Engines, including Google and Altavista.

  • http://www.addpro.com/submit30.htm – Free submission to 18 Search Engines, including Google.

  • Disposable Email Address

    (These are throw away email addresses to use for all the automated verifications you will receive from using the above services. They each have their own rules and guidelines, so be sure to read these carefully.)
    Spamex provides a solid, useful, and almost feature-complete disposable email address service.
    Before you choke on all that spam, try the feature-rich and flexible disposable email addresses from Spamgourmet for protection.
    E4ward.com is a down-to-earth and very useful disposable email service that makes it easy to prevent spam to your real email address with easily erasable aliases. You can use your own domain with E4ward.com, but address masking in your replies is a bit cumbersome and auto-expiring aliases are not offered.
    GishPuppy is a disposable email address service that shines with simplicity and functionality. Unfortunately, GishPuppy’s functionality does not encompass replacing your real email address with the appropriate alias in replies.
    Mailinator lets you use any email address @mailinator.com and pick up the mail at their site. Since there’s no connection to your real address, you sure won’t get spam from using Mailinator addresses. Keep in mind that all mail sent to Mailinator is made public.
    Yahoo! Mail Classic is a comfortable, reliable and secure email service with unlimited storage. A pretty good spam filter (including disposable email addresses) keeps the junk out.
    Note that disposable addresses are deleted when you cancel your Yahoo! Mail Plus account.


    Promote your blog every chance you get. Promote it in you email signature, in every profile for every service you belong to (Facebook etc). It is known that more than 75% of people on the web read the profile of the person whose page they are on. In addition to your profile in forums of discussion groups you can put a link in your signature (when allowed). You social networking site like Facebook to create an account just for your blog. This is not only allowed, but they usually suggest these services.
    Here are a few key tips:
    Remember content is a must. If you have nothing to offer, you will have no viewers!
    Do Not clutter your site. Clutter has been proven to cause anxiety and stress. Not only will they leave, they may never come back.
    Keep ads to a minimum. Sure you may need them, but no one want to see them. And avoid pop-ups all together, it is a sure way to discourage people from staying on or coming back to your site.
    There is just ONE thing to remember above all else. The more links there are to your blog out there on the web, the more chance it will be seen. So promote, promote, promote !!

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